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Writer’s Wrap Up With David Alan Lucas

My friend and fellow author David Alan Lucas was kind enough to invite me to do an interview on his website. We got to talking about military sci-fi and a certain alternate history series. An avid...

In Indie Publishing, You Make Your Own Luck

The great thing about social networks is I get to meet and interact with some of the most interesting people.  KR Paul is one of those folks. I'm not even going to try relaying all her story and...

Authors Talk History Panel

So as promised in a previous post, here's the History Talk hosted by H.P. Holo. I think David, Terry, H.P., and I all had a great time!



This Thursday, 17 December 2020, at 7 PM CST / 8 PM EST, I’m sitting down on a panel with fellow authors Terry Maggert and David Weber and on Zoom. Given David’s story for Trouble in the Wind, I...