Greetings all! Popping in really quick to announce the release of Eagles, Ravens, and Other Birds of Prey (Amazon affiliate link).  If you were a fan of Barren SEAD, like to read about Wild Weasels, and/or want to get an account of how the USAF got its groove back, now’s your chance!


In other news, I have a tentative Comic Con / Event List:

Great Plains Renaissance Faire (Wichita, KS)–9-10 April
Kansas City Planet Comic Con — 22-24 April
Libertycon (Chattanooga, TN) — 17-19 June
Cincinnati Comic Con — 23-25 September

   Hope to see some of you out and about, world events notwithstanding. 🙂 Hopefully this will not turn out like 2020 did

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