The Historian and His Metal Habit

Greetings all. Welcome back to another edition of Music Monday. Wasn’t sure what I was going to do with this one. Then “Ye Olde Sentient Ipod” decided for me by randoming to Sabaton’s “Final Solution.”

Why did this resonate? Well on 18 January, I went to the Auschwitz Exhibition at Union Station in Kansas City. As the tag line says, it is “Not Long Ago. Not Far Away.” Indeed, having recently lost my own grandmother (age 93) on 11 January, I realized this horror was still within “living memory.” It is insane to think there are (albeit a rapidly dwindling number) of people who experienced or observed this madness first hand. As with most of Sabaton’s tracks, they really bring home the historical savagery. Which, in turn, brought back the terrible efficiency elicited by artifacts like “the shoe” and “the showerhead. First listen to the track. Then, if you at all can do it, get your tickets for the exhibit before it closes down in March.

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