So I got the first review in my audiobook blog tour yesterday.  It was very positive–and brought up something I didn’t think about, which is that listeners of the audiobook have no way of getting a character list.  So, without further ado, here one is:

Dramatis Personae for Aries’ Red Sky

C.S.S. Marxville

Captain Tyr Sigurd, Marxville Actual
Commander Rebecca Taylor, XO
Captain Moffitt, Marine detachment commander
Lieutenant (j.g.) Isabelle Hutch, Comms
Rear Admiral Holcomb, Task group commander (Hastings Flag)
Lieutenant Commander Adam Ramos, Gunnery Officer
Lieutenant (j.g.) Erica Beerz, Navigation
Commander Jadran Karlsen, Hamilton Actual

C.S.S. Armstrong

Captain Marcy Cochran, Armstrong Actual Actual
Amaranta Azazel, Helm
Fourth Mate Kelly Yanick, Sensors
Vidar Amir, Comms
Chief Engineer Anton Lobus, Chief Engineer
Captain Shahjahan, Balandin Actual
Victoria Romanoff, Engineering Rating

C.S.S San Jacinto

Lieutenant Mackenzie Bolan, Assistant Plans Officer, Task Force 36, Fourth Fleet
Captain Charles Barrow, Flag Captain, Task Force 36, Fourth Fleet
Commander Holly Hansen, Plans Officer, Task Force 36, Fourth Fleet
Lieutenant Donald Tess, Plans Officer, Task Force 36, Fourth Fleet
Lieutenant (j.g.) Sharon Applewhite, Junior Plans officer, Task Force 36, Fourth Fleet

C.S.S. Eagle

Vice Admiral Lothar Ivayo—“Chain Devil Actual”
CAG, Carrier Air Group 7 “Shoguns”—Slogan “Quake From Our Gaze”
Commander Freda “Daimyo” Wiszkon, CAG, “Shogun One”
Commander Olavi “Werebear” Godehard, Commander, No. 705 Squadron (Nightjaeger) (male), “Hippogriff One”
Commander Michelle “Daffy” Omobolanle, Commander, No. 607 Squadron (Nightjaeger) “Nixie One”
Commander Erin “Oread” Altair, Commander, 606 Squadron (Nightjaeger), “Oread One”
Commander Luther “Ironfist” Morgan, Commander, VF(S)-1—Red Leader
Ensign Harrison “Cheetah” Hielscher, Red Two
Lieutenant Olga “Ostrich” Santoro, Red Three
Lieutenant (j.g.) Paige “Harley” Keighley, Red Four
Lieutenant Commander Artemis “Sunburn” Conroy, Deputy Commander, VF(S)-1—Blue Leader
Lieutenant (j.g.) Jacquelyn “Catnip” Tice, wingman to Lt. Cdr. Conroy in Blue Flight, VF(S)-1 “Godkillers”—Blue Two
Lieutenant Mitch “Crisco” Groton, Blue Three
Ensign Alexus “Buttercup” Baker, Groton’s wingman Blue Four
Lieutenant Augustus “Lovetrain” Pitt, Green Flight Leader, VF(S)-1
Ensign Majorica “Venus” Williams, Pitt’s wingman Green Two

Kursk, Spartan Republic

President Nathan Waldron, President of the Republic
Sadie Waldron, Lieutenant, Spartan Marines and niece of the President
Mathilda O’Rourke, Lawyer, Sadie’s older twin, and First Lady of Sparta
Geirmund Du, Vice President of the Republic, Future Senator, Eldest Du
Arnaud Du, War Minister of the Spartan Republic, Middle Du
Mago Du, Chief Executive of the Du Mercantile, Reserve Captain, Spartan Navy
Mr. Thaddeus Andrews , Chief of Security and Truthbringer
Colonel Orpheus Campos, Aide to War Minister Du
Commander Rachel Campos, A Weeping Foe Actual
Vice Admiral Victor Logan, Commander, Rowan System.  Call sign Skoll 6.
Chief Parliamentarian Nikephoros, Chief Parliamentarian of the Spartan Parliament
Senator Porter, President Pro Tem of the Spartan Senate
Fleet Admiral Ashley Brown, Commander of the Spartan Navy
Alastair Bernard, Minister of Intergalactic Relations
Helen Keove, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

SMoW The Taken Umbrage

Leftenant Ian Campbell, Weapons and Sensors
Midshipman Yubani Mendoza, Comms and Helm 
Korvetten Song, Master and Commander
2nd Lieutenant Donovan, Marine Platoon Leader
SFC Reese, Marine Platoon Sergeant
Lieutenant Commander Gorman, XO

SMoW Peter Basile

Rear Admiral Yavin, Spartan task force commander
1st Lieutenant Agenor Acheros, Deputy Commander, Alpha Company
Captain Mordechai Butler, Apache Company Commander
Leftenant Victor Hayden, Assistant Sensor Officer
Lieutenant Travis Steiner, 1st Platoon Blackfoot Commander
Lieutenant Abigail Schweizer, 2nd Platoon Apache Commander
Lieutenant Micah Pendragon, 1st Platoon Apache Commander
Captain Simmons, Basile’s commander

SMoW Albert Dahlman

Captain Titus Winn, Dahlman Six
Lieutenant Abigail Schweizer, Infidel Five  (I / 3rd Battalion / 35th Regiment)
Lieutenant Kasey Stephens, 1st Platoon, Infidels
Lieutenant Deborah Dickey, 2nd Platoon, Infidels
Lieutenant Martha Allen, 3rd Platoon, Infidels
1SG David Lundin, 1st Sergeant, Infidels

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