Rise of the Robots

So, way back in June at Libertycon 35, I was dragooned persuaded to do three anthologies for Raconteur Press (substack– Facebook is here). I agreed to do three, as in the number between 2 and 4, anthologies. Starting with a mecha-centric one, then a cavalry/armor centric alternate history one, and concluding with a World War II one.

Funny thing happened on the way to the mecha factory–we got so many good stories we’re doing TWO mecha anthologies, Giant Freakin’ Robots and Giant Stompin’ Robots.

I could tell you all about the first one…or I could just post the intro here:


A Word From Your Editor

Greetings! You’ve opened the first page, and now you’re wondering if you should buy this book. Well, the answer is yes, of course. But don’t take my word for it. Just know if you:

Think Robotech is a really funny way of saying Macross….but consider both to be amazing cartoons…

Agree Shinji really should close his pie hole and get in the robot…even if it’s not a transformable Gundam.

Can tell your friends and neighbors the saga of Saint Appleseed and their Bubblegum Crisis…

Then my friend, you have certainly come to the right place to get “your giant…robot…smash”-itch scratched. From combat on a distant fantasy world to the relentless depths of space, the stories that follow have a little bit of everything.

What’s In the Box?

Want anti-gravity magic? It’s in here, and it works even better than what the nerdy eggheads can deliver with their fusion reactors. Check out “I’m In Love With A Helicopter” by Edie Skye.

Crave mecha facing hordes of angry undead? Daniel G Zeidler’s “Under a Yellow Lonely Star” delivers it in spades.

Savor high stakes combat deciding the fates of entire nations / planets / galaxies? We got all your high stakes predicaments by the (literal) kiloton. The special sauce? We took away the good guys’ hero shields like they collectively told their girlfriend / dog/ steak to “Wait here, I’ll be right back…” [I’d insert a story here, but that would be spoilers. However, just take my word for it, people are dying like someone secretly switched the second oxygen tank with Sarin gas.]

Dogs and cats, living together? Naw fam, dogs and cats fighting each other! In giant robots! Yes, that’s right, it’s just as crazy as it sounds! But so good!

Fellow author’s famous spouse unwittingly placed meta-style in another author’s universe? “James, you killed my husband!” “Yes, yes I did!” *evil editor cackle*

Questionable relationships demonstrating the poor translation of human sexuality between cultures? *record scratching* Okay, fine, as an editor, I have limits. Singing superstar sirens dating their kung fu wielding cousins / romantic interests calling the protagonist “big brother” are beyond that redline. What do you think we are, a cable series?

Despite the lack of problematic, statutorily questionable relationships, there’s more than enough action to make up for it. Indeed pretty sure some of our authors saw the open call then said “I want to make the average Gundam episode seem like a Hanna-Barbera.” Even better, it’s quality mayhem, delivered by Amazon bestsellers and their gifted neophyte sidekicks (who were strangely resistant to dying their hair weird colors, but I digress). In any case, throw on your favorite anime soundtrack, don’t make any plans for the next couple of hours, and enjoy the best mecha throw down since someone brought five lions together. – JY       *****

My contribution is a story from my Vergassy Chronicles-universe, in which you first get to meet the Kaiju-class mecha. Want to know more? Well, for the price of a latte you can find out about “King of the Kaiju” plus a whole bunch of other awesome Giant. Freakin’. Robots. Stay tuned for more on the anthologies, as the next one is now open…and I just see it splitting into two also.


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